Gerneral Information

Please note

  • 1.0 Visa
    Please enquire with your booking agent if you need a visa for Namibia. You will need a passport that is valid for at least three months.
  • 2.0 Weapons and Ammunition
    2.1 You are allowed to bring two rifles.
    2.2 Before you leave the USA you have to fill in Customs form #4457 for your rifle (a Certificate of Registration for personal effects taken abroad).
    2.3 You can bring 80 bullets per rifle (only ammunition for the accompanying rifle can be imported) Bullets we recommend should be in the line of Barnes X, Swift A Frame and Trophy-bonded.
    2.4 Use the weapon which you feel comfortable with. If possible not less than a 30.06. When you bring two guns, you can take a smaller caliber and then a 30.06 and bigger.
    2.5 On arrival you have to fill in an Import/Export Application form, which will be done by the Namibian Police.
    2.6 No handguns and crossbows are allowed.
  • 3.0 Inoculation
    We recommend that your Tetanus shots are up to date and that you take malaria precautions. For further information go to
  • 4.0 Insurances
    It is recommended that hunters and guests are insured for medical, accidents, luggage and rifle losses. The outfitter cannot be held liable in cases of losses, accidents, damages and delays.
  • 5.0 Hunting Season
    Hunting season starts 01 February and ends 30 November. The minimum duration for hunting on our farms is seven days.
  • 6.0 Bookings
    We require a down-payment of US$ 1000.00 per hunting party. Upon receipt thereof, the booking is valid and confirmed. The down- payment is not refundable if cancellation is shorter than eight months prior to arrival. The booking can however be transferred to another person.
  • 7.0 Power
    We have power supply of 220 volt. If you require recharging, make sure you bring an inverter. We have only one small inverter at Askevold.
  • 8.0 Hunting Clothes
    It is recommended to wear camouflage clothes for hunting, but not to be worn in public.
  • 9.0 Hunting Ethics
    All hunting on our farms is conducted in line with professional hunting ethics and is subject to sufficient availability of the desired game. Therefore it is very helpful if you provide us with your trophy wish list.

Packing List

  • Passport and two passport copies
  • max 2 Rifles
  • Bullets (max 80/rifle)
  • Binoculars - 10x42 works fine
  • Camera and/or video camera plus batteries
  • One small backpack for everyday use on hunting truck
  • Personal medication and prescription
  • 2 x shirt (when not hunting)
  • 2 x long pants (when not hunting)
  • 1 x warm jacket (when not hunting)
  • 3 x long sleeve shirt (for hunting - can be Camo or dark colors)
  • 3 x long pants (for hunting - can be Camo or dark colors)
  • 1 x warm jacket (for hunting - Camo/dark colors)
  • 4 x socks & underwear (each)
  • 1 x well worn in hunting boots
  • 1 x comfortable shoes for traveling/evenings
  • Hat and sun block
  • Toiletries
  • 1 x light gloves