Omatjete Safaris

Welcome to Farm Askevold

Welcome to Farm Askevold

About us

Omatjete Safaris, your hosts Hagen and Birgit Eggert welcomes you to an unforgettable hunting experience in Namibia. To provide you with the best, personalized service, we take only one hunting party at a time. Farm Askevold, our own property (7000ha) is situated in the beautiful northern part of Namibia, with its diversity of mountains and valleys. Depending on the wish list and the availability of trophies, hunting is also done on other farms in Namibia. To make your trip worthwhile we offer some side trips to the Caprivi, Etosha National Park and the coastal town, Swakopmund.

In order to utilise the large number of game on the farm, Hagen qualified as professional hunter. Birgit received training in fabrics and design as well as food science before coming to settle on the farm. The accommodation on Askevold consists of four en suite guest rooms well equipped with all modern amenities. At any one time one group of a maximum of four hunters plus their companions or 8 tourists (4 double rooms), will be accepted. Each hunter or tourist can therefore be sure of the full personal attention during his stay.

Where comes the name Omatjete from

Omatjete is a shrub or small acacia tree and originates out of one of Namibia native languages. Everyone who walked on Farm Askevold has this stingy shrub in his memories.

For cattle and game the fruits and leaves are of high value. In the African folk-medicine, roots are chewed and placed on the site of snakebites and scorpion stings, and the leaves , which are believed to produce local anesthesia, are used for the same purpose and also as a remedy for sore eyes or toothache. The wood is extremely hard and durable: pools and tools have been made from it. It is an excellent fire wood.